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Welcome to, and please join in, this ongoing conversation about art.
We’ve no credentials except a passion for art, artists, where art’s created, an artist’s outlook on life, and the miracle of creating something out of seemingly nothing.
My husband worked for Dorothy & Herb Vogel, the librarian and postal worker who amassed nearly 5000 works of art. They passed by the pundits and openings, and simply followed the conversation straight to the artist: they followed the art. That’s what we try to do.

We travel the world – and art is our magic carpet. It introduces us to new friends, jolts and jiggers our minds, hearts, and souls – and pleases us immensely. One of the prime crucibles of art, New Orleans, where we spend 1-3 months a year, has taught us that art encompasses all that is created by hand. That encompasses a lot. In the case of NOLa mixology, cuisine, parades, costumes, painting, sculpture, theater, events – and of course music.