There is now a great tool that would turn any time you spend in NYC into an art tour. It tracks art openings, lets you pick those you’d like to go to, arranges them into a list to be printed or sent to your iPhone, and lays them out with a map. Go to for a virtual visit of the art scene. Artists? use their listings to scout potential galleries to focus on.
The listing is really comes out Tuesday & covers the week ahead. Openings are grouped together for convenience: by day; then by neighborhood, street, and street number. (One evening we went to 15+ openings all in the same building.) The iPhone app is seamless: click your choices; they’ll be listed and mapped; and you can look up info as needed about nearby places. And change your choices as you go through an evening.
In the NYC metro area there is a rough pattern
– Tu & Wed tend to be midtown galleries, often 57th Street.
– Thursday tends to have all its openings in Chelsea, 6-8pm – sometimes 9pm; we’ve seen 20-25 openings in one building. While in Chelsea take in the High Line; you can use it to get an overview of  the scene!
– Friday tends to be SOHO and the Bowery galleries on Elizabeth near the Contemporary Art Museum on Friday – which is itself free on Friday nights. These tend to be open later.
– Saturday tends to focus on Williamsburgh and frankly here and there.
– Sunday tends to be openings or events at nonprofits or schools.
Research is key to a productive outing. And ArtCards makes that easy. Click galleries & artists to explore things in detail since each listing includes a link to gallery – and often to the artist. This usually includes background text and a few examples of the work to be shown. Google the artist.
Founded in 2005 there are sites in all these cities: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, London & Berlin. They’re coming soon to: Barcelona, Boston, Chicago, Madrid, Paris, Philadelphia, Rome, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington DC. Simply select the alerts you want to sign up to.