The New Yorker this week 1-27-2014 not only has The blockbuster article on Obama, but a one page riff on New Jersey idiocies by Paul Rudnick. It’s one of  their SHOUTS & MURMURS pieces titled: NEW JERSEY: THE QUIZ¤tPage=all

To put this into perspective go to the NY Times “At Home with Paul Rudnick”:  article

It’s one of  the best overviews of an amazingly funny and on-target playwright and writer who consistently writes out of the box – of him as a person, and of his work. Look through it and note the titles of Rudnick’s works that you missed.

For as Norman Cousins proved to all of us 25 years ago, documented in his book, Anatomy of an Illness, laughter can alleviate pain – and in his case eliminated his life-threatening illness. This article best summarizes that:

So not only is Rudnick outrageously funny, he’s one in a long line of healers.