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  Bethany Bultman gave me this. It starts small and then explodes. “In the meantime, did I send you this overview of my father in law’s life in ptown?” This blog, created by a renowned New York Times laureate does nothing less than show how artists were at the hub of P’town becoming the great wheel of art – that great point of connection – through both its attraction of big name artists to the most drop dead landscapes of the summer and its enticing them to teach other artists their craft – starting with Fritz Bultmann:
  I was stunned at its power to communicate what Fritz and his peers were all about. Allow yourself a half hour to go through all the subsections. This is a paen, a poem to Ptown, in all of its aspects. Check the galleries section; histories are given. Artists&studios – more incredible history, stories. And pictures. Always photos. This is all about art after all. But even “former accommodations”. Frankly I have never seen a blog, a home space where Ptown’s very existence is proved to be art itself. Art central. This should show you what can be achieved.
  By the way, Bethany also gave me a link  to a great article about Fritz Bultman:
  When I first viewed the wordpress blog on Fritz I realized that a similar blog could be done for any artist with roots in P’town. Look at the richness of visual and written information in it – the interactive nature of its presentation. This would launch many an artist – and there have been so many who have been fostered by P’town.
  For it makes the artist bigger than just a person – instead part of an overall art movement, a movement as monumental as the glaciers that formed the Cape itself.