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ArtCards.cc is our magic carpet. Within seconds we realized there were three openings Wed night within five blocks of our apartment on the UES. The first was typical: a gallery asks one of its artists to go to his attic and drag out pix from 30 years ago. No writeup. A dud? Nupe. For at these small scale UES openings you can talk to the artist. And all fell into place. A new world revealed. We didn’t like them – but then remembered: art is not to be liked – true art is a passport to other worlds.

The second opening was another typical UES specialty: contrast two periods in a celebrity artist’s career. In this case at Venus in the Gagosian building, 3rd floor, it was Peter Saul’s journey from Pop to Punk. Celebrity galleries and celebrity artists are easy to spot: they don’t serve anything to drink. Seeing someone with a glass of white wine we asked (always always ask) “where’d you get that?”

And they pointed down the hall to Higher Pictures. There a frat party cum video extravaganza cum mural straight out of 16th-17th c. Dominican genealogical painting but of Michael Jackson’s family tree of kindred spirits. People sitting on the floor. People laughing, talking, reacting – alive. And there was the Angel Creator Jamie Warren whose creative genius is only limited by the people she can get to join in on her party. Oh, the party is the art. Why not? an incredible film, excellent photography but most of all a fertile and creative mind. No wonder she’s the subject of a 2008 monograph by Aperture – with a first film to premiere this summer. I warn you: she is contagious – seeing her, not knowing she was The Artist, I spontaneously took off my fox fur coat and threw it around here. When I get back to my Mac I’ll load the pix: they tell all.