The Met has two giant Asian art shows to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Asian Collection – part of The Met Asian Art Centennial 2015. Love the motto: Half the world, and all of time. In a time where radicals are bulldozing mankind’s archeological treasures institutions like the Met deserve attention, use & celebration. Remember: you pay what you wish – this is an affordable pleasure. And on Friday and Saturday nights you stroll the marvelously lit collection with music wafting in from the great hall.

One of these two shows outlines the roles of individual collectors and curators in the past 100 years, going from next to nothing to a world class comprehensive collection. The other celebrates the art of the Chinese album. There is an example of an album online where the pages can be turned – truly a highlight. But you can’t beat this endless show.

Consider the may lectures given free with admission. This Sunday at 3pm in the Rodgers auditorium theres an exploration of sculptures of the human body.

And for you shoppers: in the clearance shop, accessible on the ground floor level down from the Egyptian collection, opposite the employee cafeteria, there are marvelous art watches on sale. Normally $60, most are half price. But one which I bought and will be wearing tonight at WAA (if we can hack through the 3″ of ice on our drive) is the Monet Nympheas Bleu watch @ $15. Truly a gem.