Dear Friends,
  The Whitney is inaugurating Monday hours, 11-6, starting tomorrow Labor Day. The excuse is the Jeff Koons exhibit. The reality is the HighLine is fabulous. Witness the Whitney’s staying open till 10 on Thurs-Sat. And having free hours 7-10 on Fridays. Take advantage of it. These things do come – but they also go.
  And tomorrow, LaborDay, is the very last day of the China Through a Looking Glass exhibit – the most exciting exhibit since the McQueen surprise hit. It appears it has surpassed McQueen and probably will be among the Met’s top half dozen exhibits ever.
  Go early at 10am and you’ll have a chance. As the day grinds on and the tweeting increases your chances of even getting in are weak. To get in of course go to the neglected ground floor entrance for school groups – and breeze right in.
  Don’t forget the new Monet watches in the store. Fairly price, the bands and faces of the watches are your favorite Monet paintings. My watch gets comments every single day.
  Don’t forget for openings for the next 7 days in Metro NYC – and a welcome qualitative pairing to that quantitative dynamo is – which appears each day and has only those events that someone with 40+ years of experience in NYC’s art world could select. Exquisite.
  That’s all for now. Go for it! it’ll be too hot on Tu Wed and gawd knows what’ll happen to doom Thursday through the week’s end – the motto of Labor Day is: Enjoy Today – NOW!
  All my best, Per