Thursday’s preview via the Art Walk sponsored at fifteen of NYC’s UES galleries was simply jaw-dropping. Clear your midday calendar for Friday to make way for an art adventure – and a treasure hunt. And make sure you make it to the Armory Art & Antiques show this weekend to see what an additional 85 dealers have to offer.
    We only made it to five of the fifteen galleries but our reward was a truckload of surprises delivered with glasses of proseco and champagne – and doses with more art expertise than I’d ever expected to experience even in this world capital.
    What gallery dedicates one entire blacked out room with a single spot on its Bernini? Reveals its cubist delights with casual aplomb? Beats you over the head with art masters without mercy? The fifteen galleries who dared create an Art Walk this last Thursday, that’s who.
    I returned to my writing desk at a total loss as to how to describe what I’d just witnessed. An art mashup of art from ages past made all too fresh, all too available. Watch those checkbooks this weekend as you wind your way through the Armory – the TEFA show promises to be a moveable feast if Thursday’s appetizers are any indication.
    If fifteen of New York’s finest can have such impact can the Armory show match this? If it can, and it probably will, we have all benefited from a changing of the guard at the armory – for as I described in a previous post its management has changed. Fresh blood and very old distinguished art promises to sweep away all minimal expectations borne of years of past disappointments. Now in light of the Art Walk I ask myself, “What incredible delights away us in the newly refurbished second story rooms of the Armory?”
    All I can say is go first to the galleries that shared such delights this last Thursday evening. That may lessen the shock that promises to await you at the Armory show this weekend. Art Fest is an understatement. An Art Extravaganza is about to take control over this weekend’s shallow entertainments and customary pleasures.
    Go and enjoy with an open mind – and watch open mouthed at the buffet of art about to unfold – with amazement and gratitude. Be prepared to be pleasantly astonished. If only 15 galleries of NYC’s finest can produce such incredulous treasures what can possibly await you at the Armory? I for one cannot wait.
    The Armory show will probably be Art Tourism at its very best. But Thursday’s Art Walk on the UES is a not so gentle reminder that New York’s everyday fare is rich indeed. And that we are so lucky to have it that way, every day – long after the Armory show shuts its doors. These 15 galleries have thrown down a gauntlet: how can the other 85 match it? Only the next few days will tell that story – one I wait for with baited breath…. breath well baited by Thursday’s tasting menu.