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New York is famous for its art scene. Many painters and artists dream of showcasing their art – whether fantastic or traditional –  in this world city. Every artist has a theme.

Robert Cenedella Fín del Mundo (End of the World) art series – noisy, raucous, color-splashed paintings of city scenes approach the world with a sincerity that both celebrates and defines the irony, frivolity and controversy-for-its-own-sake that have become the core of cultural currency. And he connects the dissolution and pollution of politics on his canvases with a colorful and imaginative flair.

Donald Trump was the highlight of Wednesday’s opening at Central Park Fine Arts. No one could miss his persona in the centerpiece painting of the show unveiled that evening by the artist in its front window on 57th street.

Mockers dressed and masked as The Donald and Her Hillary Clinton held sign boards with the tagline Fín del Mundo (End of the World) signaling the end of an era. The who’s who of New York arrived in their best Madison Avenue clothes while photographers and videographers were recording and reimagining the event. Even passersby – the people – jumped on the wagon, drawn by the theater of the absurd of the occasion and the camera flashes –  not to mention the open wine reception, waiters passing out mouthwatering dectable, deliciously wicked works of art – an occasion concocted and animated by the man of the hou, Robert Cenedella.. The small gallery soon filled with people & photographers – 

Cenedella had various Disney characters like Donald Duck, Minni Mouse, Micky Mouse jump into the fray – each waving a sign signalling the Fin del Mundo. Showcased in the show window on 57th the artist unveiled his masterpiece, a spectacular mockery of the most recent trumped-up pollution of politics – in oil paint. Cenedella, keen to meet his fans, pose for photos, sign autographs and answer questions explained in detail what he feels about Donald Trump and the drama of politics.