Major galeries celebrate the holidazed period with artistic exclamation points. Gallerie Mourlot is major – and Judith Seligson’s explosions of shapes into art space ships is how it is celebrating this holiday period. Seligson uses the line to make shapes living beings – just by adding the purest notion of color seen since – yes, Josef Albers. But whereas Albers used shapes to play in, Seligson uses them to explore the world. Yes, feelings abound when a Seligson shape is sighted.

The Mourlot name will celebrate its impact pm NYC’s art scene fifty years next year – and it has celebrated contemporary art for an incredible 164 years now since its start in Paris in 1852. Congratulations to the galerie and this space-worthy artist… for Seligson sure knows how to use space to reach places accessible only by the imagination.