It’s simple: is Uber paving a path to access art, or is it making it more difficult – or, worse, promising access but giving distraction?

The lure is enticing: $200/m for unlimited use in Oct, $89/m for use in Nov from 6am to 8pm – but possibly not on weekends.

We fish need to weigh our bait carefully. Let me give you the benefit of my experience.

No, this is no tale of woe. No outlet for outrage. This is simply tips with supporting facts to help you wind your way through the labyrinth that Uber & its kind have put before you.

Fact # 1: you will be charged for rides that should be free; #2: you’ll be told to go 2-3 blocks away from where you are to catch the driver to avoid a $5 no-show fee – with 1-2 minutes to do that; #3: you’ll be told a plan is free 6am-8pm, and when you use it on a Sat or Sun you’ll be charged; #4, AND THIS IS THE BIG ONE, you’ll have to find out on the Uber site how the hell to dispute a charge.

I challenge you: find out how  we mere users can file a complaint, and you will have achieved the holy grail. Has life come to this? that we must be grateful to simple be users – and have no say? have no recourse? be at the gigantic corporation that will never earn a profit’s mercy? they’ve got nothing to loose to thumb their noses are our faces – they’re not making any money anyway – except on paper – except at our expense.

I signed up in Oct, $200 for unlimited pool use – and in the last ten days of October I was charged and charged while I struggled to find A Way To Be Heard. And the only way I  got heard is by rattling my press credentials. And I still do not have a phone #, a text #, an email, a name, an extension – A Way To Be Heard. Oh, they paid me off.

Then they did the whole thing over again, this time worse – in November. $89 for unlimited use from 6am-8pm for the month. Oh, recently, in response to my rattling their chains, they said that was supposed to say Monday-Friday – except it didn’t say that. Ooops……

So they started charging me. Mind you: they only start their antics, their trics, their chicanery – on the weekend… the time when you little likes of you and I have but a little of our Precious Personal Time. To spend on hold – ooops: ‘cept they don’t give you a number to call. They’re earning too many billions of dollars – on paper – to afford such luxuries. It’s time we just stopped paying for them adding insult to injury.

The best to expect? justice – that’s all. A credit. But most of the time expect they’ll tell you to send them screen shots of your accounts. BUT: bank or credit, they don’t tell you; Why they don’t tell you; How to do it they don’t tell you. Welcome to The Gauntlet. They set the rules, they create the barriers – and to get back your piece of cheese that they just stole you have jump the hoops, dance their dance, and waste your time.

This is Instant Wealth telling you to Get Lost.

This is Instant Wealth telling you We Don’t Care.

This is Instant Wealth telling you We’ll Wear You Down.

And the worst thing I have to tell you in this post? Unless you Hate Injustice, People Hurting even Harder people who can’t fight back, Big Business inflated by internet estimates But Bit Enuf to Screw You – Screwing you. Yeah, it’s bad. But better we know now than later – and scramble to muster our defences against these new Vampires, Feeders on the Innocent, Devourers of Every Cent They Can St