Mykhailo Deyak: Recent Works March 17 – April 2. I’ll let the Ukraine Institute whose palace on 79th street and fifth avenue get credit for bringing this Living Artist onto the concrete pedestals of New York. What a fireball with color he is! His later work is three-dimensional, popping off the canvas. He is definitely a painter turned sculptor. I shall include here photographs of his huge work which has up to now been only shown in Europe. He makes color into an actor on the stage – and makes color and texture dance as no dance company has ever imagined. In fact one small annoyance is that someone decided to fence in three of his Great Floods of color with black tape. That should be easily dispensed with. I knew I’d lucked out when he opened his phone to show me the gargantuan creations – living creature of color – that have invaded the grand exhibition spaces that only Europe still offers. The high culture setting of the Ukraine Institute is truly a great place to see this work. Please hope this Living Artist stays for now in the Khusts region he comes from. Let him simply derive his color and atavistic constructions of color-come-to-life from the wilderness surrounding him. The translator he had at his disposal did him aa superb service. She waited for the whole thought to come out – and gave me a considered response. This man knows what hes doing. Hes courageous. Hes strong. He brought to mind the Picasso who had yet to move to Paris. I know Deyak will – but I hope he delays the move and instead visits Paris and all the other world capitals who need so desperately the art he creates. He seems still above it all, simply in love with art – capricious, and artful – full of art – and all that promises much to come.