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    Went spur of the moment to MAD – New York’s Museum of Art and Design on Columbus Circle –  to the pop-up jewelry show they mounted today. Found a few exhibitors to be of interest. And if you’d do what I did you’d find many more to be of interest to you.
    What did I do? Cherchez l’histoire! Look for the story. And if you ask leading questions and have an inquisitive spirit you’ll find behind every artist there is a story to be told.
    Take the couple from Greece, Labros & Semeli, with those languorous luscious swirls of gold, summoning up the intense sun and sky of Greece. Their gold pieces owe as much to  the air they enclose as to their weight in gold. They sum up Greece in their swirls.
    Then what about Helene Prime of Paris? Massive hammered metal covered in gold, married with stone. Only in France could such things be made, so bold, so massive.
    Let’s not forget Konrad Laimer from the north of  Italy. He marries pearl like drops of snow-like ceramic to his long thin strands of gold. Enough said. Yet another story told.
    Giulia Barela of Rome brings a mature, hard look coupled in a marriage of bronze and gold. Lost-wax casting is her technique, bronze her love of sculpture, silver for its delight in light, and gold – needs no explanation. A law degree helps, as does growing up amidst bejewelled women. Let her be your guide.
    Lastly, Aurum, by Boubjorg from Iceland, evoking directly with gold delicate flowers what happens in Iceland as its winters fade and nature once more fights the noble battle for life. Volcanic black also plays a part. And there is truly a tale to be told here.