From Sept 2 through Oct 1 weekends are the occasion for the Governor’s Island Art Fair (www.4heads.org).


Several times a year the abandoned officer homes on Governor’s Island become homes to new art. (get a map after getting off the ferry – and turn right upon leaving the ferry) There’s one at the far end of Colonel’s Row  which is the HQ of holography – in itself worth the trip.

All the five homes give a room to each artist – and the variety of artists outdoes the variety you’d otherwise find on the Lower East Side. One shoots bodegas which are disappearing fast.

Plus the ferry  ride, which  runs on holiday weekends every half hour, is worth the entire trip. Then add on the astonishing forts – and you’re living on in a world a century old. There’s something for everyone – especially children – starting with a strident bell they love to clang.

Don’t forget Liggett Hall which at its west end has artists who work  with art, and artists who are in the process of doing their work in front of your eyes, and works you can simply look in at through their closed doors.