We all regret and are outraged at Russia’s rape of the Crimea. What better action, what sweeter revenge than to acquire a piece of Ukraine’s unmistakable art, a vibrantly colorful pleine aire rendition of its Carpathian majesty. By doing so you will benefit that wondrous temple of art,  the Ukraine Institute, located in one of Fifth Avenue’s remaining mansions at 79th Street. And reward this artist, Roman Luchuk for his paintings of the Carpathian Mountain Landscape, an artist  who has dedicated his life to passing on his skills and his vision to generations of Ukrainian artistis to come. Come, enjoy the joyful celebration of this splendid land through realistic yet imaginative and unmistakable color –  and ensure in some little way that it endures and survives the terror and rape of its majesty yet one more time in history by having it brighten your home.
You will be enchanted by the joyful and colorful swaths of color depicting the essence of the Carpathian landscape and its unique homes. I call Roman’s style expressionist impressionism – for he captures the essence of each feature of what’s depicted translating it with color. There is no doubt as to what’s depicted – and to its spirit, its true nature.
The Institute’s writeup sums it up: “Each of Roman Luchuk’s canvases evokes the splendor and energy of his native Carpathian Mountains in seductive compositions that exude a lifelong love for the mysteries of the Hutsul landscape. His iconic images express instinctive emotional experiences rather than impressions of the physical world. He does this through an extravagant use of paint and color. Expansive stillness and silence of the pastoral are interrupted by sudden outbursts of life and vitality changing from one mood to another.”

One third of the revenues for these paintings goes to maintaining this last of Fifth Avenue’s previous wonders – and the remaining amount goes to Roman’s work with Ukrainian art students to whom he has devoted his life. Ukraine is in peril and so is this 63 year old bastion of Ukrainian art. Do your part to at least save its art. That for me is a no-brainer: do well by doing good.