Kanopy.com, the fantastic movie site of the NY Public Library available for every library card holder, has 30,000+ films and documentaries – all totally free. The #1 film about grey gays, Gen Silent: Discrimination Against LGBT Seniors, by Interrobang Productions / Stu Maddux Films is rarely free on the internet – but occasionally it is: and now is the time. It is available on Kanopy.com in an abridged version and in its full 89 minute version.


Here is the text from Kanopy.com about this well-done film:
– The generation that fought hardest to come out of the closet is going back in to survive.
– What would you do if you were old, disabled or ill – and the person feeding you put down the spoon and said that you are going to hell unless you change your sexual preference?
– Sound absurd? Social workers around the world say it’s happening every day.

    Gen Silent is the critically acclaimed documentary from filmmaker Stu Maddux that asks six LGBT seniors if they will hide their friends, their spouses- their entire lives in order to survive in the care system.

Running Time 89 mins 2 videos included
Filmmakers Joseph Applebaum, Stu Maddux