Per, the writer

Per Larson has written 100+ articles on gay social, finance & disability issues, a book Gay Money (Dell, ’97) – and a heck of a lot about art.

He’s been on 60 Minutes, MSNBC & Money Works, has written for Personnel Journal & Personnel Administrator, and been quoted in Forbes, Kiplinger, Worth, the Washington Post, Boston Globe & the New York Times.

He shifted to writing blogs to launch his next four books – and change writing from a lonely pursuit to one pursued with a little help from friends. In art he started covering the local scene where he and his husband have a country house: He covers art wherever he is – New Orleans, New York City, Boston – and Amsterdam. (He considers the Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade to be perhaps the ultimate art happening in the gay world (

He’s now writing his books & articles through blogging. They include an update of Gay Money (emphasizing marriage & financial (in)equality, Disabled Money (understanding and coping with the financial impact of illness & accident when it becomes disabling), and Self Sustaining Solar Structures.

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