What’s this about?

Welcome to, and please join in, this ongoing conversation about art.
We’ve no credentials except a passion for art, artists, where art’s created, an artist’s outlook on life, and the miracle of creating something out of seemingly nothing.
My husband worked for Dorothy & Herb Vogel, the librarian and postal worker who amassed and ceded to America’s museums over 10,000 works of art. They passed by the pundits and openings, and simply followed the conversation – followed the art.
We travel the world – and art is our magic carpet. It introduces us to new friends, jolts and jiggers our minds, hearts, and souls, and pleases us immensely.
One of the prime crucibles of art, New Orleans, where we spend 1-3 months a year, has taught us that art encompasses all that is created by hand. That encompasses a lot. In the case of NOLa mixology, cuisine, parades, costumes, painting, sculpture, theater, events – and of course music.
I am an artist of sorts too, a writer. These are my concoctions. In them there is no right or wrong, there is no expert opinion. There is observation, wonder, admiration, delight – and that ongoing conversation. Please join in….

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